Thursday, July 2, 2009

Walk to Machine CNC Router

If you always fascinate about the hexapod walking robot, then you absolutely need to concentrate on robotic CNC router.
The B.F. six legged Hexapod is using in this project, which a pen attachment is added for the drawing purpose. Then, you need to convert the DXF files into translation commands for the p.Brain controller.

For improving the performance of cutting, you have to modify the p.Brain a little bit to enable the hexapod to cut in arcs and circles position. Also you can even attach a servo to the router
head; this will greatly help the head swing in the horizontal and vertical position too.

If you cannot find the suitable router, try to replace it with the small thrust bearing from RC helicopters, as this bearing has the same resolution as well.
Since the router getting hot after only a couple of minutes, you are better adding a heat sink
for motor.
Now, it’s time for your Hexapod robot to perform its first cut show…

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