Friday, July 10, 2009

Chair experiments - Beginner's Chronicle

Hi everyone,As mentioned in my last project post, here are some “experimental” chairs I made for learning and practice. The first chair has spar varnish on it and shows the first carving I made with my mini cnc router. The color is Cabernet.The next one has a concho and the color is Mahogany Flame.The next pic showing 2 chairs is Mahogany Flame – 1 dark, one light. The little tags are to remind me what color I used.The next pic shows the available adjustment for the back rake angle.The 2 seater was finished with Red Mahogany Dye.
There were a couple more but I did not have pics of them. I unloaded all the experimental chairs on my kids for free and they and the grandkids liked them – one of my sons said it was the best gift I had given them. That comment was worth all the hard work and many hours of trying to to make something.
-- Roger, Rep. of Texas

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