Monday, August 7, 2017

Techniques for Handling Big Parts with a CNC Router Machine

It is easy to handle CNC router, but it gets hectic when you have to deal with parts bigger than your machine. However, with smart and right strategies, one can deal with it.

Problems to Overcome

Usually, two kinds of problems are likely to occur while using these machines. The first challenge is to break the part into small setups in which every setup should give the access to the various portion of the part. Therefore, you have to line it up accurately. Afterward, you have to find out the way to get the part fit into CNC router enclosure.

Sorting Out Major Problems While Handling CNC Router
•  Check for Collisions: You must start the venture by carefully checking for collisions as it might lead to an unrepairable damage to the part.

•  Be Careful: Perhaps, you line up straight edges with straight edges. However, a diagonal is longer than any edge in a rectangle. So, you can try putting the part at an angle without lining up the straight edges. Also, you have to care that the part feature lined up along with the CNC router machine.

• Know about the Complete System: Heavier parts need proper support during the cutting process, which makes roller tables auto loading and off loading systems an important part of the CNC router machine. Such automatic systems comprise indexing table, material loading/unloading arm, and offloading conveyor table .

•  Understand the Use of Pop-Up Pin: It comprises an important part of the CNC Router model machines as it helps the processing sheet to find the home points quickly. Here is how it works:

1.    The pop up pin swings up from the table surface.  
2.    The operator moves, aligns and makes the processing sheet closer to pop up pin.
3.    This makes  the sheets ready for work from home point.

• Use Auto Pressure Plate: You might have faced problems in cutting or engraving materials with thickness even less than 10mm. It is hard to get the desired result with such thin material despite fixing its edge through clamp. The Auto Pressure Plate is a befitting solution to this problem as its helps the surrounding area of spindle to press the working table tightly and perform the cutting/engraving task effectively.

•  Act Wisely: When it comes to round parts, try spinning instead of sliding them. However, if the part is too big for lathe machine, then it is wise to prefer a flywheel.

These techniques can be useful when processing big parts. All it takes is a little ingenuity to make use of your CNC machine’s work envelope effectively.