Monday, September 28, 2009

Wooden Carved Chest

Hi friends,

the below work is taken from  by Khalid Khattak
I thank him for the excellent works that he posted in his blog and is really informative.Read..........

Again this time my wife stressed me to make some siting arrangement in the TV Lounge... and she came up with idea of Chests.... Yes the Chest with Storage box... Did i mention that She is genius ;)... The complete designing was done with mutual understanding by keeping in view of Location of placement and the height of these chests.. Also we decided to make two different types of designs on each side.. The idea was that whenever we want a change in TV lounge we will rotate the chests with required design in our front... It was a huge project for me and time consuming too... However we manage to do the work in the weekends... As the project was big so it took a month or two including staining etc...

The carving came out great... I don't know how long it took to purchase the cushion for these chest but if i remember the chest lay down in TV lounge for more than two months without cushion.. Stop....did i mention that i am very lazy...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Made From Cribs: Residue Chair By Huib Muilwijk

You know the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, this is exactly like that.
Except that instead of life, it's a business designing and making cribs on a CNC router.
And instead of you, it's Dutch designer Huib van Muilwijk and his studio Made by Midas.
And instead of lemons, it's the leftover pieces of ply shaped like giant popsicle sticks.
And instead of lemonade, it's the ResidueChair, and then it's the whole Residue Line.
And instead of yellow, it's whatever color the last guy's crib was.
That's what I said: exactly like that.
[, thanks huib]

Mensa table collection by Lazerian

London Design Festival 09: Manchester design studio Lazerian have created a collection of tables consisting of modular, birch plywood components supporting glass tops.

The thin pieces of plywood are cut out using a router controlled by a computer, and joined using bolts and wing-nuts.
Mensa Collection by Studio Lazerian 222
The tables build on a structure developed for the studio’s earlier Light Modulator project (read similar story).

Lazerian will launch the collection at 100% Design in London this month.

More about Lazerian on Dezeen:

Here’s some more information from Lazerian:

Mensa table collection
Lazerian’s experimentation with plywood over the past two years has culminated in the creation of a new collection of furniture.

Starting from a hands on exploration of plywood, Richard Sweeney and Liam Hopkins created a series of models with various connecting methods, including bolting and self-interlock.

With the use of a CNC (computer numerically controlled) router, these models were further advanced to find structural forms capable of supporting weight.

From this process emerged a distinctive collection of furniture, which makes use of both raw and laminated birch plywood.

The designs emphasise the importance of material to Lazerian- the basis of a design starts with the material itself, and efforts are made to incorporate the unique features of the material into the design, and to fully integrate methods of hand craft with new manufacturing technologies.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Little Star Table

Here’s introducing one of the most contemporary Industrial Designers from the UK: Ben Huggins. His Little Star table project is a simple mathematical endeavor. Craft a line here, stack an angle there and you’ve constructed a very chic table! Three tables can be cut from one 1200mm x 2400mm sheet of 15mm ply by CNC router and Ben’s been hand-crafting them all. No screws or fixings, it comes in this neat pizza-style box. 
Ben Huggins Little Star Table

Cutting Tools for Acrylic

Onsrud Cutter LP, the leading supplier of CNC router tooling, has introduced a line of cutting tools designed for acrylic sheet materials.

The 63-500 series of solid carbide spiral "O" flute tools will produce a superior edge finish on either cast or extruded acrylic plastic. This is especially important in plastic products such as exhibits, signs or P-O-P displays where the public constantly views the finished edge of the product.

Onsrud Cutter is the only cutting tool facility in the United States that manufactures high-speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide, diamond coated and PCD CNC tooling. Onsrud manufactured their first router bit in 1920. For further information contact Onsrud Cutter LP, 847-362-1560,

CNC Router cut & assembled

assembled but unfinished by nervous system.

cut and assembled,but not finished.

held together with wood joinery only .

Bamboo Designs : CNC Routers play an important role !!!

Miami based designer Facundo Poj found his inspiration in demolition salvage yards after years of work with documentation, renovation and restoration of old institutional buildings at several Boston based Architecture firms. He spends much of his time looking for treasures in junk yards, salvage yards and aircraft graveyards where he searches for objects with a soul and a lasting quality to them. Delving deep into the biography of objects and materials to uncover the historic value of each, Facundo transcends the need for understanding just the style and form. 

AZTEC SEAT & WINE RACK Facundo also invests much energy researching new ways of using great quality materials which are not that far into the unconventional, but which have not fallen yet into the hands of large scale mainstream manufacturing; materials like salvaged cardboard or engineered bamboo. All his furniture pieces are designed through high technology, handcrafted, and built for life.

In his own words, “I always start conceptualizing these pieces from a single line. Put the pencil down once, give the paper a single stroke, pick the pencil up.

Structural strength, stability, ergonomics, primary & secondary functions must all be solved with this one line.
Minor adjustments of proportions and function then follow. All necessary devices are accounted for and my line is then digitalized. This must be done so that all repetitions, all layers, inherit exactly the same contour.
CHAIRAll the components are arranged so that they can all come out of a few sheets of hard pressed Chinese bamboo. I choose this material because it is manufactured in large enough sheets, it is noble, strong, hard, durable and sexy to the touch. Bamboo is also a fast growing grass and this helps prevent forest depletion.
A CNC router then dances over the sheet cutting all the serpents and fragments. The pieces are then threaded together by hand with oak dowels, glued, and press together. The sanding process is long and difficult due to the hardness of the material. The piece is then finished with a clear non-toxic water based coating.
This low tech-high tech-low tech process is for me the ultimate. The piece is a combination of both, the highest technology available to design and construction, and the sensibility of the human hand.”
Born in Argentina in 1971, Facundo trained as a master builder in his native Buenos Aires and moved to  Boston in the early 1990’s where he graduated from Architecture school and also received a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Environmental Problems.

OFIDIO STOOL & MAGAZINE RACKSought after by many, the likes of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton USA, Veuve Clicquot, Ecoist, Dom Perignon, Citrine by the Stones, Simmons of Argentina have bought and displayed Facundo's work proudly.

To know much more about this very talented and soulful designer, visit his website -

CNC Router with Laser cutter & 3D printer

Here are some selects of laser-cut, cnc routed and 3d printed goodness:


A Fine Bedside Table :Inlays using CNC Router


Close up of the inlays

The finished table
A couple years ago we made a bed for a client that had, inlaid in the headboard, our interpretation of the family coat of arms. It was a challenging inlay with many different elements and woods finely executed by my man , Trevor. It was one of his first really complex inlays after he took over the CNC router operation full time. About now, he's definitely got it all figured out. Anyway, now he's working on a bedside table to complement his first project, plucking small elements out of the larger inlay and setting them in various places on the table ... Cool project ... Click to enlarge the pictures.

The headboard inlay up close

The headboard inlay in process ... Check the little walnut piece ... it's a 1/16th by 1/8" x about 6 or 7" long, cut by Trevor in one piece from walnut .... I can still remember his smile when he pulled that one off

The finished bed

Organizing the table parts ... the curly maple legs were roughed out by Will using the Vega duplicator, and then final cut and cleaned up freehand

Trevor's redwood burl lion and walnut 'stars' in process

Installing the walnut borders, long grain and cross grain on the maple top

The fox has been inlaid on the right side apron, the bottoms of the legs have been trimmed and we'll start to glue up the parts you see above later today. There will be two drawers and a secret compartment. Like I said ... cool table
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Techno announces Servo Patriot CNC Router for students

Techno announces Servo Patriot CNC Router for students 

 Techno announces Servo Patriot CNC Router
 for students
Go to company's web sit

Techno’s Educational CNC Division introduces Servo Patriot CNC Router designed especially for technical education environments and recommended for Grades 6 through College. The Patriot is capable of training students on prototyping and machining 3-D objects, and can ultimately take them from school to work. This compact machine comes completely enclosed with a safety interlocking mechanism that prevents operation of the machine unless the lock is activated; this promotes safety, minimizes noise and supports proper dust collection.

“We are very excited to introduce the Patriot into the educational market,” says Sales Manager James Renner. “It is an exceptionally durable package that will enhance any classroom. Teachers will also receive local training, free technical support and FREE G-Code Servo Interface Software upgrades for the lifetime of the machine!”
Techno’s Patriot utilizes high-speed servomotors that provide users reliability and accuracy in every cut unlike previous stepper motor based systems that can loose steps and positions instantly. Lead ball screws on all three axes ensure maximum durability that will last the lifetime of the machine, even in the most demanding educational environment. Each Patriot comes CE certified for international safety approval, making it ready-to-ship anywhere within the US or Europe.