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Different Kinds of CNC Machines

CNC machines are used in industrial settings such as factories and schools. CNC, the abbreviation for Computer Numerated Control, first came into use in the 1970s and are used in many places today. They have to be programmed for what specifically you want done, but once they are programmed, they are very easy to operate. Learning how to program CNC equipment and machines usually takes a special schooling.
CNC machines are very expensive and are usually only purchased for industrial use. They are sometimes purchased used for a lesser cost and used for woodworking jobs where you want repetitive cutting. In factories, they are used to drill holes, cut designs as well as give the product a finished appearance. They are time saving and very accurate.
CNC routers are used for drilling holes automatically when you have a large quantity and want consistency. They are great for large jobs where manual drilling would become repetitive and tiresome, thus making errors more common.
A CNC lather is excellent for cutting wood and is often used in the making of furniture pieces. Different models are available in different powers from fifteen to forty horsepower. This will depend on the type of wood as well as your needs. Some high quality modes operate in several modes from manual to all power, allowing you to custom it to your individual needs for the job.
Milling machines are used in the milling business with Bridgeport being the most common. They are efficient and long lasting but very expensive and are used in small and large factories.
The CNC mill is a large tool that uses robotics and computer programming to assure accuracy. Because of their extreme accuracy, you will often see Bridgeport mills used in the airline business. A programmer will set the specifications for what tools it needs and at what degree and measurement and the CNC will do it all and eject the finished part.
Another form of equipment in the CNC industry is engraving equipment. These are used to engrave glass, stone, wood, metal and almost any material you desire. They are fast and more accurate than it could ever be done manually. They are used for small and large jobs.
CNC machines are very expensive and out of reach for most individuals. Most individuals, however, don’t have use for a CNC on a consistent basis. If you are considering purchasing one, you may want to check into refurbished or used equipment. Refurbished equipment is a better option than used because they are usually totally repaired as well as coming with some sort of warranty.
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