Monday, July 6, 2009

CNC Router for Medical Product Design

To design the products and system for Diabetes Care at home.

If you are interested in Medical product design and have worked in a design consultancy which gave you an interest in product design, you will find in this project a learning experience that consolidates your interest. In this project you will develop skills in visualizing services and portraying them which will lead to opportunities for you in a workplace where the work involves the design of Product Service Systems. In this project you will get a chance to develop skills in straightforward product design from detailed CAD models to CNC model making, realising your designs on both the CNC router and the 3D printer. The collaborators in the larger project are RMIT Nursing, IDI (Melbourne) with potential for application with IITM (Chennai), NIF (Ahmedabad), and MV Diabetes Institute (Chennai).

The work in the area of diabetes is orientated towards the delivery of better health outcomes for diabetics. The work has been in the design of a service model to look after the diabetic body. At this stage the project looks to develop products that are needed for the effective delivery of the service.


To design the product system for a proficient artificial pancreas*.

(* the artificial pancreas refers to the care system a diabetic needs and uses to maintain and look after his/her body)

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