Monday, July 13, 2009

New large-format CNC router line announced

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems has announced a new large-format CNC router line aiming to help people wanting to use CNC machining for areas of 4ft x 8ft and upwards.The aluminium T-slot table and Vision Series 3 Controller helps create a dependable system, with advanced software and an Ethernet interface allowing the user to adapt it to a range of ideas, such as CNC milling, drilling, contouring and routing.Vision PRO 8 software comes as standard with the routers as well, allowing companies to have a "high level of flexibility" when working with graphics and logos on the workpieces.The organisation continued: "This extensive software package also has the ability to run virtually any type of router, engraver, laser engraver, colour printer or vinyl plotter on the market."Vision Engraving also revealed this month that it is to release the 2525 and 2550 precision routers, targeted directly at the sign-making business.If you're searching for machining centres visit our preferred supplier list.

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