Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Suction systems of CNC router

Suction Systems
The wood router typically holds wood with suction through the table or pods that raise the work above the table. This type of hold-down is used for components which require edge profiling (or undercutting), are manufactured from solid wood or where greater flexibility in production is required. This type of bed requires less extraction with greater absolute vacuum.
A second type hold down requires a “spoil board” or “cull sheets” to the work. This allows vacuum suction through the low density table and allows the placement of parts anywhere on the table. These types of tables are typically used for nest-based manufacture (NBM) where multiple components are routed from a single sheet. This type of manufacturing precludes edge drilling or undercut edge work on components. However most industrial sized machines similar to the S series CNC by Vortech Routers or C.R. Onsrud Panel Pro allows the use of spoil boards or a pod system that elevates the work piece to accommodate edge work.
Vacuum pumps are required with both types of tables where volume and “strength” are determined based on the types of materials being cut.
Redsail M series CNC router has such a function which will fits many customer’s requirements.
At the same time, our CNC wood router also has Oil lubrication system which can smooth the rail and block for rail.

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