Monday, July 13, 2009

CNC Machines

If you need a machine that will improve your speed and accuracy then try a CNC machine when you are getting large jobs done or doing very repetitive tasks. You can get a used one for half the cost of a new one since most individuals wouldn’t want to spend their money on a new one. CNC equipment can be found in woodworking shops or industrial settings. Add them to your collection that includes a milling machine as well.
If you need to drill holes than consider a CNC router. Some of them can hold more than one tool too. This makes it possible to do more than one procedure at a time. This will help you cut back on the tie you spend working and help you become more accurate.
Computer Numerated Control is the full name for CNC. In the 1970’s this technology was first created. These machines are easy to run and operate after they have been initially set up. They also need to be set up correctly and programmed before they are operated.
They can be made so you can drill a hole automatically. This can be much more accurate and quicker than manual drilling. You will get more uniform results. If you have a large job that needs a lot of drilling then this can be a good choice for you. You might get more inconsistent results when you are doing manual drilling and if the operator gets tired.
If you want a good thing to cut wood with then try a CNC lathe. You can buy one that ranges from 15-40 horsepower. You will choose the lathe power you need depending on the type of wood you use. You can get a model that comes with more than one mode. You can one that is totally manual or CNC. You can rig each machine for your individual project.
If you want the best in milling technology then try a Bridgeport mill. You can find a mill in both a small shop or a large one. If you want a mill that will last forever than try a Bridgeport mill. They are very pricey and more so than most people can afford.
A CNC mill use a special type of instrument that uses a combination of robotics and computer programming. You will get great results better than anyone could ever want. These are the kind of mills that the airline companies use. The CNC decides which tool is need for an operation and changes as it goes.
Since CNC equipment is so pricey it means most people can’t afford it. If you get a used machine you may find that you can afford it. You may be able to save about half on a used machine compared to a new one.

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