Thursday, July 2, 2009

Forth Axis Machining using ArtCAM

Q:::Does Artcam Pro support 4th Axis machining?I am getting ready to purchase a CNC Router with a rotary table to do 4th axis machining. I need software to create toolpaths for this. I like all the features of Artcam, but I need 4th axis machinig as well as 3D machining.

I have looked at Visual Mill whic supports 4th axis, but Artcam has easier designing features.

Can anyone help me here?

Ans:::: ArtCAM does supports 3D Machining and 4 Axis Machining i.e. (ArtCAM support the 4 th axis by converting the X or Y into rotary moves).(at a time three axes only)

Its wouldn't do Four Axis programing to simultaneously run all the axis of the machine ,it can do Forth Axis ,but one of the main three axis will be suffered.

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