Monday, July 13, 2009

CNC in School

For many years I have been wanting to get a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine in my classroom. CNC is the industry standard in manufacturing, so it frustrated me that I could not show my students what they would be using in the "real world".

This fall (with much encouragement from my students) I order the CNC Shark Routing System from Rockler. This package came with VCarve Pro 3.1 which is a very simple CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program by Vectric.

We have used this CNC router to create various 2D projects so far, but I am looking to incorporate it into more of my curriculum for next year. Vectric also has a program called Cut 3D that will allow you to take a 3D model and machine it on 1-4 sides of the material. I will be purchasing this next year to expand the possibilities.

This is why I am the Shop Geek. I love creating with Technology! The more hands on, the better.
originaly Posted by Evan Lembke

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