Thursday, July 2, 2009

JETCAM for Composite Cutting/Routing

Composite knife cutting and ply nesting software

Composite ply nesting software

The aerospace composite industry demands the highest quality and accuracy to meet the required safety standards for finished components, while operating in a fiercely competitive environment.

A reliable, highly efficient and automated nesting system is essential to minimize errors, maximise material utilization, increase existing machine production capacity and keep programming time and operator interaction to a minimum. JETCAM Expert delivers this on all counts, with an award-winning system specifically tailored for efficient composite materials cutting and routing.

JETCAM Composite Nesting Benefits

  • The MOST EFFECTIVE dynamic nesting. Period.
  • Saves hundreds of thousands of Pounds/Dollars/Euro's, on composite material waste per year
  • Speeds up programming and response to production requirements
  • Replaces static nesting with dynamic nesting, avoiding expensive over-production of plies
    Increases machine throughput
  • Improves Roll life utilization, managing orders to maximize production from material while out of the freezer
  • Integrates with existing Manufacturing and CAD systems
  • One nesting system covers all cutting, routing and other machines irrespective of manufacturer

With a high volume of routing and composite parts that require programming and nesting, the ability to automatically batch process components and individual ply geometry files directly from the CAD system, followed by efficient nesting of all material orders, is crucial for aerospace companies. Such full automation can now be achieved using JETCAM's Remote Control Processing (RCP) functionality.This allows for the instructions to the system to be provided automatically instead of from operator keyboard/mouse entries. One of the options for this, for composites, router and other parts, is through the use of Pre Programmed Input (PPI).

When in automatic mode, the system will extract the required manufacturing information from the PPI data supplied by the CAD system with each CAD file, process the part and store it in the component database ready for nesting at some future date. JETCAM's Order and Material Management software can be used to remotely manage component processing and nesting of orders.

Integration to legacy data systems
Another approach is for the factory production control system (or any other external software) to control the JETCAM system directly. It issues commands that instruct JETCAM which components to process and nest, using which material and for which machines. Such operation is fully automatic and bi-directional where JETCAM Expert returns comprehensive reports and creates a log file for each request processed. Of course, a full manual 'override' capability is provided for all automatic system functions.

Using the SEKT (Stored Expert Knowledge Technology) database the user has a comprehensive list of options with which to customise the system to suit each particular machine tool, material and method of working.

Nesting efficiency

Our knowledge in aerospace has developed through years of experience in driving a comprehensive range of cutting, routing, punch press, laser, plasma and waterjet machines. Supporting virtually every machine available, including complex combination machines and machines with special attachments such as loaders/unloaders and sorting/stacking, JETCAM Expert offers a single solution and is installed in a wide range of companies - from the smallest subcontractor to multi-national organisations. Reasons for its success include its capabilities, total reliability and minimal support requirements and its flexibility in configuration - users can rent or purchase as much or as little of the system as required and upgrade when they need to.

JETCAM High Performance Nesting Features

  • Single or Multiple-Ply Cutting
  • Ability to add an Oversize Condition to the periphery of the Ply
  • Continuation of cut on conveyorised machines for plies that extend beyond the current cutting area.
  • Sophisticated Order Management
  • Part structure and ply management
  • Material roll Management - what has been used and what is left on the roll
  • Automatic processing of flat pattern data from CAD systems
    • Integration with Vistagy's FiberSIM
    • Import flat pattern from Catia in XML file format
  • Highest Material Usage Efficiency using JETCAM's new High Performance Free Form Nesting module
  • Automatic Batch Nesting of Orders using RCP
  • Automatic Input and Processing of IGES & DXF Files using RCP
  • Management of legacy data
  • Management of Static Nests
  • Identification of Plies - Labelling attachments, Pen Markers and indexable Inkjet heads are supported, allowing components to be marked for easy ply identification
  • Remote control for full hands-off automation and unattended running

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