Tuesday, August 11, 2009

UCanCAM Software V8 for CNC Router

Wentai Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional and senior developer and manufacturer of CAD/CAM software in China. Wentai Corp. owns intellectual property right of all the UCanCAM series products,including software copyrights and patents.
With fourteen years of experience in the industry, Wentai Corp. succeeded in designing and manufacturing UCanCAM V8 series software,which includes 3D-engraving, 3D seal-making, laser-engraving,embossing-making, wave-board making, plastic-absorbing light box mould making, etc. Ucancam V8 series software can be applied in advertisements, sign-making, seal-making, gift-making, cutting, architectural mould making, ornament making, wood furniture making, mould-making, and many other industries.
Wentai Technology Co.,Ltd. is composed of an outstanding R&D team led by experienced experts in CAD and CAM fields. We also provide good and stable service by excellent sales and after-sales service team Our goal is to become the largest corporation in R&D of CAS and CAM software in China, providing products to the domestic as well as the international markets.
Wentai Technology Co.,Ltd. has been enjoying good reputation and popularity both in and outside China, and it has been awarded the titles of National Excellent Software and Most Competitive Productfor its engraving software. In 2000, Wentai Series software was given the award Pioneer Software Creation Awards in Zhongguancun High-tech Zone.
More details:http://www.ucancam.com

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