Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving Beyond Squares and Circles

In the late 80s I represented Seattle based Aldus Corporation. Aldus was one of a handful of companies that fostered “desktop publishing”. A combination of software (like Aldus PageMaker), the Apple LaserWriter and the Mac (not to mention the mouse and high resolution monitors) enabled regular folks to publish high quality newsletters, magazines and books. It was revolutionary. I’m seeing a similar revolution underway in design and construction industry with the introduction of products like ShopBot.

We’ve simplified CNC router technology so any shop can do fast, precise CNC cutting, drilling, and machining, and take advantage of CNC production automation. A ShopBot CNC router is robust, affordable, easy to use, and adapts to your production needs.

Like the early days of desktop publishing , many of the early examples are decorative, even whimsical, but in the just a couple of years designers and builders will understand the technology and use it to design products more in tune with natural systems. (i.e. nature does not build with 4×2s…)

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