Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alphacam to Integrate with OgeeTek 3D Analyzer

The seamless transition from solid model to CNC program is close to the top of every woodworker’s wish-list. Now, Alphacam and 3D Analyzer have teamed up to make this goal a reality. With the ability to import solids from Parasolid and ACIS-based CAD modelers, as well as native solid files from CAD vendors such as Autodesk, Alphacam Part Modeler or Pro/ENGINEER, Alphacam is the ideal software partner for 3D Analyzer.
integration of Alphacam and 3D Analyzer
Using commands specifically developed within Alphacam, imported solid assemblies can be identified, tagged and exported directly into 3D Analyzer. Configurable scripts within 3D Analyzer automatically apply the jointing technology between assembly parts, such as Rafix, and CAM and Dowel. Cutter technology, also applied within 3D Analyzer, prepares each part of the assembly for export back into Alphacam. On import, the powerful Alphacam package automatically machines, nests and outputs the code for each part ready to run on any CNC router.
Darren Duane, managing director OgeeTek, European distributor of 3D Analyzer software, states: “Linking Alphacam and 3D Analyzer enables the automatic manufacture of assemblies created within any solid modeler. Additionally, the combined industry knowledge and experience of Alphacam and OgeeTek means manufacturing has been fast tracked to create seamless integrated environments and increased profitability for our customers. We see this as the ultimate link between CAD and CAM.”
About Alphacam
Alphacam is a comprehensive CAD/CAM system for the manufacture of metal, wood and stone parts of all types, from simple 2D parts to complex 5-axis components. The emphasis behind the development of Alphacam is to provide customers with productivity, reliability, and flexibility because improving these attributes in any company will help increase profitability.
For further information visit http://www.planitmanufacturing.co.uk/ or http://www.alphacam.com/.
About OgeeTek 3D Analyzer
3D Analyzer software is designed to eliminate costly manual procedures and to automatically add machining operations to CAD drawings. Historically, manually generating code was a time consuming task. Clients who have implemented 3D Analyzer have noticed a 60% increase in their overall efficiency. Several construction standards are supplied within 3D Analyzer; incorporating screws, cams, dowels etc as well as many custom requirements. Integration with several 3D CAD applications in conjunction with an easy to use interface makes 3D Analyzer a strong market-leader.
For further information, visit http://www.ogeetek.co.uk/.

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