Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comment from a New CNC Router User

I’m just getting started in a new business – making custom, inlaid, end grain cutting boards. They’re hard maple, maple and purple heart and maple and jojoba. I’m operating out of a 40’ storage container with dust extractor, air conditioning, heat and 220 VAC. Things are looking pretty good so far! I just bought a Grizzly 1023 SL and I’m quite impressed. It’s almost a “milling machine” for wood! I’ve also got a Grizzly G0555 bandsaw that’s impressive, a Ridgid 6” jointer I’m happy with and a Ridgid 13” planer I’m NOT happy with. The snipe is terrible! I built a 30×40 CNC router that I’m using for the inlays and I love watching it work.

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