Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Transfer cutting board: You can make one yourself on a CNC Router

When preparing food it’s unavoidable to get messy all over your kitchen island/table but the Transfer cutting board by designers Chris & Ruby promises to turn even the noobiest chef wannabe into a little Jamie Oliver.
Its simple and clever design helps you move chopped food to a single plate quickly and by making it environmentally friendly (solid beech which has been oiled with biological linseed oil) you have a winner that can really get into every kitchen around the world. Yes, little green objects add up to big environmental effects and any object that go green is one more victory for the planet.
Produced in Berlin, Germany by the already mentioned designers Chris & Ruby, the Transfer chopping board isn’t yet priced or available but we’re keeping our eyes open for the news.

Or you can make one yourself on a CNC router and post an instructable of it. Anyway the designers were quite brilliant with this idea.

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