Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chocolate Pilcrow

Graphic designer Fabio Bartali had the idea to make a chocolate pilcrow. With a few sketches, he came to the CabFabLab to figure out the best way to bring his project to life.
Thier intern Sjors helped Fabio design a 3D model in SolidWorks. They then assisted Fabio in working with the CNC router to machine the positive mold for the silicone resin. This mold was used to create a negative silicone mold to produce the chocolate character.
Fabio sent the chocolate pilcrow to his clients as a holiday gift. This project was partly inspired by Hans Wisbrun’s ChocoPi project.

Fabio’s original sketch of the mold.

The rendered 3D model of the pilcrow mold in SolidWorks


The finishing pass on the CNC router.

Pouring silicone into the master mold.

Liquid white chocolate solidifying inside the silicone molds.

The end product:  plenty of chocolate pilcrows in 3 different types of chocolate!

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