Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Acrylic Cribbage Board

This was a gift this Christmas to my Father. His initials are JR obviously that is why the board is designed that way. It is made from 1” thick acrylic (expensive stuff). I had a hard time laying out the holes so that they would flow well, thank goodness for AutoCAD. I used the CNC Router to get such precise hole alignment and depth. The only draw-back was that speed at which the drill was spinning was too fast making the holes not too clean (as seen in the pictures. Since the pictures were taken I was a black sharpie to color the lines black. It really makes the lines stand out more. The holes in the middle of the R and J are for scoring. I routed the edges with a 1/8” radius bit and had to drill the vertical holes in the top for storage of the pegs. I polished it with steel wool after I had sanded it all way with 320.

When machining this piece on the CNC out of a blank, with an up cut bit, near the end of the machining process the piece broke suction and lifted off the table and exploded on the table of the CNC, so in turn I had to get a new blank and screw it down to the table to ensure that it didn’t come off the table. That happened on the 24th of December so needless to say I gave him the broken one and machined a new one two weeks later.

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I totally support that! Continue that way!