Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinosaur Bed

by Jon

Derric, the king of “I Have An Idea,” recently decided that if we can make tables at Monster Media with our flatbed printer and CNC router we can surely make beds. And if we can make beds then we can surely make a child’s bed. And if we can surely make a child’s bed we can make a custom child’s bed. And if we are going to make a child’s custom bed why don’t we start off with one for Dash, Derric’s four year old son, and make it in the likeness of one of his favorite things right now, a dinosaur? So, we did. This is a completely custom designed dinosaur bed, with detailed routing around the edges thanks to our large format CNC router and artwork printed directly to the wood thanks to our Digital Flatbed Printer. We have nailed it all together yet or thrown a mattress on it but we are so excited at how it turned out we went ahead and mocked it up on some two-by-fours and took some pics to share around. Check it out!

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