Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cost Savings for CNC Routing Machines

The following is a short "Article" about  Cost Savings Program for Routing Machine Spindle Repair  by Ted Ladzinski. .

Cost Savings for CNC Routing Machines.

The spindle is the heart of every CNC routing machine. If you do not have a functional spindle you can’t make the parts you need. Due to recent advancement’s in today’s CNC routing Machines, many come equipped with high speed motorized CNC spindles not unlike what you find in many of today’s CNC machining centers. Whether is a Colombo, Gamfior, GMN, Omlat , Komo or another spindle OEM used in your machine, replacing damaged spindles new can cost nearly as much as the entire machine.

If you do have a spindle failure, don’t panic. Find a good CNC spindle repair company. Motor City Machine Tool Repair frequently rebuilds router spindles at 50% or less than the cost of new. This can save machine owners thousands of dollars. Furthermore, these repairs come with 1 year warranty. This warranty often exceeds those offered by the manufacturer. The average repair can take two weeks but emergency rebuilds are available in 1-3 days.
Knowing where to go when if your routing spindle fails is critical in savings both machine down time and the cost of the repair. Please don’t hesitate to contact Motor City Machine Tool Repair with any questions about our capabilities, where we purchase parts, or our strict testing procedures. Free estimates can be provided over the phone.

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