Monday, August 13, 2012

Future Fabrications

Here's an unusual take on how we might build things in the future: The subversive Danish creative collective known as N55's Spaceplates. The idea is that we would have the proverbial shit-ton of sheet goods delivered to our home, and we'd break out a domestic CNC, download some plans and have it start carving up modular units that we'd then put together.

N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme and Sam Kronick are prototyping a new building system called SPACEPLATES based on the geometry found in animal shells like the sea urchin. Its a low cost way of creating approximated double curved surfaces in a statically well defined way, minimizing the material use. When the system is ready, persons should be able to " print out" a SPACEPLATES construction ( a home, a greenhouse or a larger communal building), using materials like PC or aluminum and a CNC- router. (Even a small table version- cnc router will work).

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