Saturday, June 9, 2012

Profiled metals for marine customers

Independent multi-metal stockholder Aalco can also offers customers in the marine industry a full profiling service using a 3-axis CNC router.
Aalco stocks an extensive inventory of aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and nickel alloys in all semi-finished forms covering a wide range of grades/alloys, shapes and sizes - both industry standards and special or bespoke items for particular applications or individual requirements.
The Aalco service offer to the marine industry is further enhanced by a 'MultiCam' 3 Axis CNC Profiling Router, complete with a 9m x 2.44m vacuum table, which is installed at the Southampton Service Centre. This gives Aalco the capability to offer customers, commercial suppliers, boat builders & subcontractors a full profiling service using the latest CNC technology. Aluminium bespoke components can be profiled to customers’ drawings & supplied as single parts or in kit form. Components can be engraved with identification marks and datum lines for ease of manufacture.
Jeremy Chase, Product Development Manager for the CNC Profiling Centre comments;
“I have worked in the marine industry for 34 years and as a previous customer, had always been impressed by Aalco’s ability and willingness to work with customers as a key part of the supply chain”
“Now that I have had the opportunity to move to the supply-side I am able to bring knowledge and experience from a customer perspective to make the best metals supply service even better”
To reinforce the company’s ability to service the marine industry, Aalco stocks 9000 x 2000 and 6000 x 2000 Dual Certified 5083-O LRS/DNV 3.2 and also 5083 H321 DNV 3.2 material in various gauges.
Aalco provides customers with a cost-effective single source for all their metals requirements, together with a comprehensive processing service which includes polishing, coating, blanking and 'cut to length'
Marine industry customers include the MOD, commercial shipbuilders, repair yards and the rapidly expanding offshore energy generating industry.

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