Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Test cut on CNC Router

My son and I did some test cuts tonight with the router and had very good results.
We first did a 2d 'Open' sign that came with Aspire in wood, that had one thing wrong; it was mirrored. We quickly adjusted the motor settings to correct that and then we cut a 3D leaf that also came with Aspire, but we scaled it down to about 2" square to help cut the time down. It cut perfectly, so we moved on to aluminum and decided to cut another X-axis plate for the machine. We used the prism toolpaths at minimal depths and a 90ยบ x .25Dia bit and then cut the profile out with a .093" dia endmill.
We used .125" 5052 aluminum and the machine cut great with no visible pass lines along the edges of the plate. We just used some WD-40 brushed on and did not even use an air blast so there may be some re-cutting of the chips but the toolpath finish looks good. This label is not as fancy as the brass inlayed ones I made but it will work for viewing the axis travel directions when on the other side of the machine.
I still need to clean it up an finish it.


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Frank Hylewicz said...

A nice 3d cnc router work !
Is the X a V carving work ?