Monday, August 9, 2010

Sign Magic CNC Router Work Shop

Six folks travelled from far and wide to attend our eighth Sign Magic Workshop. The ball got rolling fast late Thursday afternoon when they gathered for an informal meet and greet. We went for supper at a local diner and talk quickly turned to routers, dimensional signs and how to make them. This crew was eager to learn all they could. After supper we walked back to the shop and the learning commenced - before the workshop officially began Friday morning. We didn't break up until 11:00 pm that first day. And so it would go all weekend long.
The days were long and the learning intense... we had a lot of ground to cover in three short days. We talked of design, how to build three dimensional routing files and of course fired up the MultiCam to show how our creations would look in real life. Our MultiCam got a good workout.
We also spent long hours learning how to finish our many samples. The skill level of this group was high. they also demonstrated a passion to learn and took things as far as they possibly could in the time they had. We laughed, we talked, we learned and shared 'secrets' of how to do the things we do until the time was up. Some great projects were completed by the students.
I look forward to seeing some great things from these folks in the future!

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