Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kurt/NEMI work holding system

Kurt/NEMI has announced an automat­ed vacuum work hold­ing system for wood product manufacturing applications.

This system includes a full line of modular components for hold­ing, positioning and repositioning unfinished wood parts in the automated CNC production of doors, cabinets, fine wood furni­ture and similar wood products.

The product features grid sys­tem tables in standard and cus­tom made sizes that form the mounting system for a flexible work holding system.

Suitable for use on CNC routers, the product together with an integrated robot provides 3-axis capability in a moving gantry CNC router system. It is designed to work with a variety of single and multi-spindle setups for high volume part pro­duction.

Setups can be configured to handle any wood design and dimension on the grid system table. Using positioning pods, chucks and locating pins, these setups have the advantages of a dedicated fixture with flexibility for reconfiguring the compo­nents to handle various size parts and for use on other jobs.

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